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Ravila Manor Dairy, 19th-20th century.

The Ravila Manor Dairy is an exceptional example of a grand and architecturally rich historical agricultural building within the manor complex.

This large two-story historical building features a pitched roof and is characterized by its rich architectural details. The roof is currently missing. The first floor is constructed with decorative stacked fieldstones, while the second floor is made of red bricks. The gable field contains three round windows, and the corners and upper arched openings are accentuated with red bricks, typical of the historicist style.

The building dates back to the late 19th century and is located 500 meters away from the manor house, on the opposite side of the Pirita River. Unfortunately, the building suffered a fire in the 1990s.

Currently, there are plans for the construction of a modern dairy facility on the site

Ravila Manor Dairy 1930.

Ravila Manor Dairy 2001.

Ravila Manor Dairy 2018.

Ravila Manor Dairy 2018.

Ravila Manor Dairy 2018.

Ravila Manor Dairy 2019.