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Ravila Manor Cattle Castle, 19th-20th century.

The Ravila Manor Cattle Castle is a grand, historically influenced, and imposing group of buildings with a large enclosed courtyard. The walls are left unplastered, showcasing decorative masonry with local stones. The buildings feature pitched roofs and have rounded openings on the top, with corners marked by red bricks. From the road, there is an elevated gateway with impressive red brick arches, flanked by tall gateposts. Adjacent to it is a smaller pedestrian gate with a similar arched design.

In a 1932 image, Ravila Manor and the Cattle Castle can be seen in the bottom left corner.

The Cattle Castle underwent changes in the 1960s.

The Cattle Castle 1971.

Before renovation.

The Cattle Castle 2020.

Currently, the Cattle Castle is privately owned and can be rented for various events and gatherings.