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Ravila Manor Workers’ House. Ravila Manor (Meks, Mecks, Мексъ), according to historical administrative division, was located in the Kose Parish in Harju County, currently in the village of Ravila, Kose Rural Municipality, Harju County, at Ravila Road 21. The Workers’ House is part of Ravila Manor and is situated approximately 40 meters west of the manor’s main house.

The Workers’ House, belonging to Ravila Manor complex (also known as the “bachelor’s house” or “summer manor”), is a reconstruction project from the 70s, referred to as the “gardener’s house” in the Building Register. It dates back to the 17th century.

Ravila Manor after the fire in 1905.

Comparison of the south facade window group of the Workers’ House with the end of the historical wing building in the photograph, where the contours of the medium-sized plastered window openings are faintly visible. The window division of the gable has been modified.

On June 27, 2018, Paatina Ltd. established Special Heritage Protection Conditions for the renovation and restoration works of Ravila Manor Workers’ House.